Chelsea Kemp Photography

Canadian freelance photojournalist and wanderlust traveller.

Capturing the love of fandoms one photo at a time.


A portrait project exploring the individual experiences of faith.

Spiritual Perspectives

Articles published in The Weal, Postmedia and Great West outlets.

Published Written Work

Videos featuring people making an impact on their communities.

Video Work

Showcasing people and their passions.


Moments of joy, despair, anger and more.

News Photos

Action photography capturing moments of triumph and loss.



I am a photojournalist and news junkie who is addicted to breaking the next story. I have a passion for learning about people; I’m fuelled by a desire to share everyone’s stories. I have written 100’s of articles that have ignited a drive in me to tell the stories of the disenfranchised. My experience in anthropology and journalism has given me the ability to reach out and actively encourage people to convey their unique and interesting stories. I have travelled extensively, backpacking for several months in Asia and Europe. I participated in a field study in Puebla and Tlaxcala, Mexico. As part of my honours degree I wrote and defended an honours thesis entitled Red Bishops and Fiery Preachers that explored the socio-economic and regional politics of religious charismatic movements in contemporary Mexico. I am a graduate of the SAIT journalism program with the goal of utilizing my fieldwork and writing experience into a career in foreign correspondence.

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Calgary, Alberta based Photojournalist